How to Clean a Tie: Everything You Need to Know

Ties are made of fragile fabrics (such as silk, etc.). If the tie is stained by ink, coffee or juice, it will be difficult to clean it off. Even if the stains can be washed away, the cleaning process can damage the tie and affect its appearance, especially on silk ties. Therefore, it is best to carefully protect Necktie from the beginning to prevent the one you have chosen so hard from getting stained!

The right necktie can elevate your look.But a stained or otherwise disheveled tie will make you look sloppy, no matter how formal the rest of your look may be.If you want to learn how to clean a tie and have your tie to perform at its best and last you through the years, it must be cared for properly.

10 Tips to clean your Necktie:
1. After use, silk ties should generally be hung in a cabinet for ventilation to prevent being pressed; they must be dry-cleaned and ironed at low temperatures.
2. Polyester ties can be washed with neutral detergent, hung to dry, ironed on the reverse side, and do not twist. 3. If unfortunately your tie is stained, you can press a paper towel or handkerchief on the stain to absorb the juice. Remember not to rub those stains as this will expand the area of the stain.
4. When washing the tie, place it on a smooth wooden board, brush it lightly with a brush, and rinse it lightly during washing.
5. For mild stains, just use cotton dipped in alcohol and gently wipe the stained area along the silk grain of the fabric. No washing is required.
6. If the tie is too dirty, it should be dry-cleaned with a solvent gasoline of 120 or above.
7. Before washing, put a layer of hard paper of the same shape in the tie, then spray it with water, use a brush dipped in detergent to gently brush away the dirt, then scrub thoroughly and quickly, and finally rinse with water.
8. The tie should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the silk will turn yellow and affect its appearance.
9. If the tie will not be used for a long time, it is best to iron it once before storage to achieve the purpose of insecticide and sterilization. The tie should be kept dry when stored.
10. When sending your tie for dry cleaning, remember to point out the location of the stain to the dry cleaning clerk. This will ensure that the clerk is aware of the stain and can handle it appropriately during dry cleaning.