How to Tie Prince Albert Knots
The Prince Albert Knot makes a statement, and the 2 layers underneath the knot are very attractive. This style can be used for daily wear or for special occasions. It is suitable for tall men, and the slenderness of the tie itself can also achieve the effect of elongating the figure.

Folding steps

Steps 1&2: Narrow edge on the right, bottom a few centimeters above the waistband. Cross the wide edges and press them on top.
Step 3: Wrap the wide edge from the back to the left side.
Step 4: Wrap your fingers from the front to the right side. This way it will be looser, making it easier to proceed with the eighth step.
Step 5: Make a circle from the back to the left side.
Step 6: Repeat step 4 to make a second circle.
Step 7: Go around the triangle area of the collar at the back.
Step 8: Pass the wide edge through the two knots you just made. This action may require threading your fingers through two knots to complete successfully.
Step 9: Tighten the tie knot and adjust it upward. The first circle is usually slightly lower than the second circle.


The Prince Albert knot is a very elegant and classical style tie knot. This tie knot is suitable for suits and shirts in a variety of formal occasions, and is particularly effective with thin, soft ties and button-down and peak-collar shirts. Compared with other tie knots, the Prince Albert knot has a fuller shape, which can add a noble and elegant temperament to the wearer. The way to tie this tie knot is relatively complicated and requires certain skills and practice to tie it perfectly. However, once you master the correct way to tie it, the Prince Albert Knot will become a powerful assistant in your tie matching, allowing you to show your elegance and unique taste in various formal occasions.
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