white suit with lapel pin

Wearing a jacket is more than just putting on a set of clothes: it's an art form. Lapel pins play a significant role in adding a touch of personality and sophistication to a gentleman's ensemble. However, mastering the art of lapel pins involves understanding where to place them, how many to wear, and the rules that govern their usage. Where to put pins in suit jacket? Find out everything you need to know about wearing men’s suit pins. 

Where to Put Pins on a Suit Jacket?

The placement of lapel pins on a suit jacket is a nuanced practice. The traditional and most common location is on the left lapel, near the buttonhole. The pin is usually affixed about an inch below the notch of the lapel, creating a balanced and visually appealing look. The left side is preferred as it is closer to the heart and symbolizes a sense of connection or loyalty. Placing it too high or too low can disrupt the harmony of the suit, so precision is key.

If your suit jacket features a boutonniere or lapel buttonhole, you can choose to place the pin just above or below it. However, avoid blocking the buttonhole entirely, as it might be intended for a floral arrangement or another accessory.

How Many Pins Should You Wear on a Suit?

The cardinal rule when it comes to suit lapel pins is moderation. A single lapel pin on the left side is a classic choice that strikes the right balance between elegance and subtlety. You can, however, wear two pins  one on each side if the design and size complement each other.

It's crucial to avoid overcrowding your lapel with an excess of pins. Each pin should have its moment to shine, contributing to an overall cohesive and stylish appearance.

Why Do People Wear Pins on Their Suits?

The tradition of wearing  suit lapel pins dates back centuries, and their significance has evolved over time. Today, people wear lapel pins for various reasons:

Personal Expression: Lapel pins serve as a form of personal expression, allowing individuals to showcase their interests, affiliations, or achievements without uttering a single word.

Special Occasions: Suit Lapel pins are often worn during significant events such as weddings, formal gatherings, or award ceremonies. They can symbolize the importance of the occasion or represent a shared identity among attendees. 

Professionalism: In a corporate or business setting, lapel pins can be part of a dress code, symbolizing affiliation with a company, position, or achievement.

Fashion and Style: Lapel pins are a subtle yet impactful way to elevate the style of a suit. They can add a pop of color, texture, or uniqueness to an otherwise standard outfit.

What Is the Rule for Wearing a Suit?

Wearing a suit is not just about clothing; it's about adhering to certain etiquette and guidelines to ensure a polished and refined appearance. The basic rules for wearing a suit include:

Fit is Key: A well-fitted suit is the foundation of a sharp look. Ensure that the jacket, trousers, and shirt fit properly, with tailored sleeves and pants.

Color Coordination: Pay attention to color coordination. The suit, shirt, and tie should harmonize, and any additional accessories, such as lapel pins, should complement the overall color scheme.

Buttoning Etiquette: If your suit jacket has multiple buttons, remember the simple rule: sometimes, always, never. Sometimes button the top button, always button the middle one, and never button the bottom one.

Lapel Pin Harmony: Choose a lapel pin that complements your outfit. Consider the occasion and ensure the pin doesn't clash with the overall aesthetic. Keep it simple and tasteful.

What Kind of Lapel Pin Should I Choose?

Selecting the right lapel pin involves considering various factors, including the occasion, your personal style, and the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect lapel pin:

Occasion Matters: Different occasions call for different lapel pins. Opt for more formal and classic designs for black-tie events, while you can experiment with quirky or themed pins for casual settings.

Size and Proportion: Ensure that the size of the lapel pin is proportionate to the width of your lapel. A large pin on a narrow lapel or vice versa can disrupt the visual balance.

Color Coordination: Harmonize the colors of your lapel pin with the rest of your outfit. Choose colors that complement the shirt, tie, or pocket square for a cohesive look.

Material and Texture: Consider the material and texture of the lapel pin. Metal pins are timeless and versatile, while fabric or enamel pins can add texture and visual interest.

Personal Significance: Opt for lapel pins that hold personal significance to you. Whether it's a symbol of your hobbies, achievements, or affiliations, a pin with personal meaning adds a unique touch to your ensemble.

Final Words 

Hope you got the answer to where to put pins on suit jackets. Suit Lapel pins serve as not only accessories, but also as expressions of individuality and refined taste. Whether for formal events, business attire, or casual outings, a well-chosen lapel pin can be the finishing touch that elevates your entire look.