White Pocket Square

In men's fashion, the pocket square stands as an iconic accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and flair to any suit or tuxedo. This classic piece of fabric, neatly tucked into the chest pocket, has the power to transform an ordinary outfit into a statement of style. Let's get into the intricacies of folding a pocket square and how to wear a pocket square, exploring various techniques that cater to different occasions and personal preferences. Barry Wang, a name with quality men's accessories, understands the importance of a well-folded pocket square in elevating your style.

white pocket square

Why Pocket Squares Matter?

Before we get into the art of folding, let's understand why pocket squares matter in men's fashion. A pocket square is not merely a piece of fabric; it's a statement. It adds color, life, and a touch of personal style to your suit pocket square, shirt, and tie ensemble. Whether you are aiming for a classic, sleek, and elegant look or a more casual-sleek vibe, the pocket square is your versatile companion. It earns you style points without breaking the bank, allowing you to expand your wardrobe effortlessly.

Unveiling the Techniques: How to Fold Pocket Square

Classic, Sleek, and Elegant Fold

  • Lay the pocket square flat, fold a pocket square in half, then fold it one side up.
  • Tuck it into your breast pocket for a timeless, elegant look.
  • Ideal for formal business dress to black-tie events.
  • Optimal fabric: silk or linen, preferably white.

One Tip Up

  • Lay the pocket square flat and create two overlapping triangles.
  • Fold both sides in, creating a refined triangular fold.
  • Suitable for any pocket square, especially with solid colors.
  • A versatile fold for various dress codes.

Unique and Sophisticated Fold

  • Fold pocket square to create two overlapping triangles.
  • Add a touch of asymmetry by having one tip higher than the other.
  • Ideal for patterned pocket squares, perfect for casual-sleek outfits.

The Pocket Square Aficionado’s Fold

  • Fold to create two triangles, then fold one side to create the third tip.
  • Perfect for patterned and colored pocket squares, great for blazers or sports coats.
  • Strikes a balance between formal and casual attire.

The Casual Fold

  • Pick up the pocket square, slide it through your hand, and flip it upside down.
  • Perfect for more casual-sleek outfits, especially with patterned pocket squares.
  • Embrace the casual and slightly uneven appearance.

Special Occasions: Pocket Square Mastery for Weddings

As the big day arrives, mastering the art of folding a pocket square becomes essential for grooms and groomsmen. Here are four common folds that are perfect for weddings:

Winged Puff Fold

  • Create a triangular shape with two folds down the center.
  • Lay flat to resemble a diamond, fold corners in, and tuck into the pocket.
  • Simple yet unique, suitable for various wedding themes.

Three Point Fold

  • Fold a pocket square into a diamond, create three folded peaks for a complex look.
  • Ideal for a more sophisticated wedding attire, especially in bright colors.

One Point Fold

  • Fold to create a triangle with one crisp corner.
  • A scaled-down version of the three-point fold, suitable for classic looks.

Presidential Fold

  • Fold into a square, then fold to create a horizontal rectangle.
  • Tuck it into the pocket with a folded side up for a classic touch.
  • Perfect for black-tie weddings, especially with white pocket square.

Barry Wang's Easy-to-Follow Guide

Barry Wang, our associate menswear editor, provides a step-by-step guide for mastering pocket square folds. From the flat pocket square fold to the challenging puff pocket square, Tres covers it all. Let's explore a few of his recommended folds:

Flat Pocket Square Fold: Simple Elegance

  • Lay flat, fold the left side over the right, then fold the bottom up.
  • Ideal for tuxedos, cotton or linen materials work best.

One-Point Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat and fold the bottom point to the top to create a triangle.
  • Fold corners to the right for a crisp, versatile look.

Two-Point Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat, fold the bottom corner up and leave it slightly to the left.
  • Fold pocket square corners to the right for a balanced look.
  • Suitable for linen, cotton, or wool pocket squares.

Three-Point Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat, fold the bottom corner up and leave it slightly to the left.
  • Fold the bottom left corner to the right, creating three points.
  • Ideal for bright colors or patterns, suitable for various occasions.

Four-Point Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat, fold the bottom corner up, and leave it slightly to the left.
  • Create four points for a more intricate look.
  • Suitable for cotton or linen, it is perfect for business or formal wear.

Puff Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat, pinch the center, lift, and drape the fabric.
  • Fold the top, release the pinch, fold the bottom, and tuck into the pocket.
  • Ideal for silk pocket squares with patterns.

Winged-Puff Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat; fold the top corner to the bottom exactly.
  • Fold the top left and right corners down to the middle.
  • Fold corners in and tuck them into the pocket for an advanced look.

Presidential Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay flat, fold in half, then fold three-quarters up from the bottom.
  • Tuck into the pocket for a classic touch, ideal for solid colors.

Two-Pocket-Square Fold

  • Lay square 1, lay square 2, overlapping, fold into triangles.
  • Create alternating patterns for a unique accessory.

Tips for Folding a Pocket Square

  • Choose silk or cotton; iron beforehand for cleaner folds.
  • Consider the pocket square size; opt for 15 inches for versatility.
  • Put it on while wearing the jacket, not before.
  • There are no strict rules; wear it with comfort and confidence.


Folding a pocket square is not just about following a set of steps; it's about expressing your style and personality and embracing the elegance that this small piece of fabric can bring to your attire. Whether you opt for classic, sleek, and elegant folds or experiment with more unique and sophisticated styles, the pocket square is your canvas. So, unfold your creativity, tuck in that pocket square, and let your style speak volumes. With an array of pocket squares in various colors and materials, Barry Wang ensures that your journey into mastering the art of pocket square folds is both delightful and elegant. Explore the collection and let your pocket square become the signature of your refined style.