how to tie a tie

The Windsor knot is a common tie knot that originated in England and is named after its inventor, the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII). The Windsor knot is characterized by a larger, loop-shaped tie knot, suitable for matching wide-collared shirts. This tie knot gives people a sense of stability and elegance, so it is widely suitable for formal and business occasions.

Here’s how to tie the Windsor Knot:
1. Place the large end (the wide end) of the tie on the right and the small end (the narrow end) on the left.

2. The wide edge goes under the narrow edge and out to the top, with the back facing forward.

3. Next, Wide edge back to front, tie front forward.

4. The wide edge is at the bottom and crosses the narrow edge to the other side, with the back of the wide edge facing forward.

5.The wide edge goes up on the same side and goes back around the tie.

6. After wearing it, the back faces forward

7. Put the broad side on top and cross it with the narrow side to answer the starting side.

8.With the wide edge up, go around the tie from behind and pull it through.

9.Return to the front center and cross the tie. Organize, complete.

It should be noted that when tying the Windsor knot, you should ensure that the tie knot is located in the center of the neckline, and the tie knot should be symmetrical and neat. If the tie is thick or long, you can fold the end of the tie before tying it.

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