A Men Wearing A Black BowTie
A bow tie is a very formal bow tie that is usually used for special occasions such as dinner parties and weddings. The bow tie is characterized by its larger shape and butterfly shape, which gives people an elegant and gorgeous feeling.Here are the steps on how to tie a bow tie:

1. First, place the long end (large end) of the tie over the short end (small end) of the tie.
2. Then, turn the large head to the right until it is parallel to the small head.
3. Fold the large end down so that it overlaps the small end to form a tie knot.
4. Next, pass the folded large end through the tie knot and pull it out from under the tie.
5. Turn the big head to the left so that it is perpendicular to the small head.
6. Fold the large end down again so that it overlaps the small end and thread it through the tie knot.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the tie knot is the appropriate length.
8. Finally, arrange the tie knot to make it symmetrical and beautiful.

It should be noted that when tying a bow tie, you should ensure that the tie knot is located in the center of the collar, and that the tie knot should be symmetrical and neat. If the tie is thick or long, you can fold the end of the tie before tying it.
BowtieHow to tie a tie