Must-have Men's Accessories for Halloween Day

Halloween is almost here, and don't think that not attending a costume party is okay with you. Halloween is about celebration and mischief, and is actually the most fun day of the year.

Black and orange are the traditional colors for Halloween, with purple, green and red also used occasionally. The main colors of the costume to maintain the black and orange, accessories to add some interesting design to reflect the theme of Halloween. Take a look at Barrywang's recommended Halloween accessories.

Orange White Striped Necktie

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The orange color reflects the Halloween theme and the striped pattern is both casual and formal. Whether you're attending a house party or a Halloween-themed dance party, this tie will make you stand out. Although this tie is not specifically designed for Halloween, wearing it will immediately put you in the Halloween festive mood.

Black White Skull Necktie

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The black and white color is more mysterious and with the essential Halloween element of skulls, you can't go wrong with this tie. If you are planning to attend a costume party, try wearing this tie.

Black Orange Plaid Bow Necktie

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This bow tie combines the traditional colors of Halloween, black and orange. If you are planning to attend a party, a bow tie will actually work better than a tie. The best part is that a black bow tie can be worn with any color suit or vest.

Novelty Skeleton Hand Brooch

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In recent years, people have become more and more interested in using brooches to highlight the theme of their outfits. Obviously it is easy to see that if you wear this brooch, I think you will definitely be the center of attention at Halloween. In a costume party, this accessory is an absolute must.