How to quickly choose a suitable tie to attend different occasions
In the world of fashion, neckties have always been an integral part of a man's wardrobe. As time goes by ,there has been various of neckties in the market today, and choosing a suitable tie has become a difficult issue. How to quickly choose a tie to attend a suitable occasion and avoid mistakes when attending the events ? In the following article, we will explore the methods from the following three aspects: The material of the tie, the width of the tie, the color of the tie.

Tie material

Common tie materials include silk, wool, linen, and knit. Silk ties look superlative and formal, while other materials are more casual . As the most timeless and classic material ,silk necktie is the one wheich be recommend best .

The width of the tie

The width of a normal tie is 8.5cm, and some narrow ties can reach 5cm. The choice of tie width is actually related to the person's body shape, the width of the shirt collar and suit collar: a man with a strong body should choose a collar with a wider shirt collar and suit collar, and a wide tie is also required when matching a tie. Matching; thinner people are suitable for shirt collars and suits with narrower collars. Naturally, narrower ties are more suitable for the choice of tie. Of course, we recommend that you choose the timeless and classic tie, which is the normal width and narrow tie (8.5cm)!

The color and pattern of the tie

Tie material and width are easy to choose, but the most important thing is the color of the tie!
There are 8 common tie colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. Each color represents a different style and gives people a completely different impression. Here is a general introduction to the style represented by each color:
Red: represents the color of passion and unrestrained, it is easier to attract attention and has a full sense of authority. Take a look at what Obama is wearing, black suit + red tie!
Orange: It shows activeness and creativity when wearing an orange tie. Your full energy and vitality are enough to make people look sideways!
Yellow: It makes people feel cheerful, optimistic, and approachable, but yellow is relatively rare in real life!
Green: Nature-like green makes people feel natural, close and fresh!
Blue: Represents maturity, sexiness and charm, the choice of most successful men, mostly suitable for formal occasions!
Black: Represents a calm color, appearing powerful and in control!
Solid color: Generally speaking, a solid color tie is the most formal tie. Generally, a business suit can be matched with a solid color tie, but sometimes it lacks bright spots;The above is the style represented by solid color. The most common solid color tie is blue and black!
Solid color is not only a part of the tie color, but also be recongized as a part of necktie pattern which also include polka dot, twill, and print! In terms of formality, solid color tie>polka dot tie>twill tie>print tie. Generally, a business suit can be matched with a solid-color tie, but it is inevitable that sometimes it lacks highlights and the overall color saturation is not high enough, while a polka-dot or twill tie can improve this very well. Compared with casual suits and ties, the sence of its casual will be more higher.


Silk ties abound in a wide variety of neckties in the market, so it is not difficult to choose a high-quality tie; however, the variety of designs and colors of ties is dazzling, and it is even more difficult to choose a tie that suits you, isn’t it? Just choose the color you like. We need to wear it to experience it, and then imagine the environment we will attend to see if it is well matched. If it is well matched, it will complement each other , highlight our own taste and maintain a sense of sophistication and elegance!