Vest is a must-have item in men’s wardrobe
In the wardrobes of European and American gentlemen, vests seem to be an item that is not commonly used. Even if they wear suits during interviews or work, they are rarely paired with vests. As everyone knows, a vest is an excellent matching item. It can be easily combined with suits, shirts, coats, jeans, etc. to highlight your good figure and enhance your taste and gentlemanly temperament. In today's article, I will introduce this item to you and bring it closer to the daily wear of boys.

Vest classification

Although vests seem simple, they are also divided into multiple categories. Only by understanding the differences between different styles can you wear them better.
single placket
The single placket is a more casual and everyday style, suitable for daily work and daily matching. A traditional vest usually has 3 to 7 buttons. The more buttons, the more formal it is, and the fewer buttons, the more casual. Therefore, if it is paired with jeans for casual wear, 3 buttons will suffice.
Double placket
A double-breasted vest is more formal than a single-breasted vest and is generally worn with a suit. Normally, double-breasted vests are fully buttoned, but if you feel that the double-breasted vest itself is a little more formal and serious in an informal setting, you can also unbutton the bottom button to create a relaxed and casual Italian style.
Collar type-no lapels
The lapelless style, also known as collarless or V-neck, is the most common and least error-prone style. It is suitable for both British three-piece suits and outer wear.
Collar type-green fruit collar
The green fruit collar has a low appearance rate and is not used in general occasions. It is usually paired with a white tie tuxedo. Usually green fruit collar is more suitable for mature men. It requires a man with some experience to wear it tastefully. Coupled with the selected pocket square introduced in the previous article, it is full of charm.
Collar type-lapel collar
The lapel vest has a casual style and is suitable for a variety of occasions. It can be perfectly switched between retro, casual and business. It is suitable to be worn alone or paired with a suit.


Some vests are made of similar fabrics to suit jackets, but the back of the vest can be made of satin or other materials that are different from the fabric of the previous body, which will make it more comfortable and breathable when layered. Relatively speaking, this style of vest is worn with a suit. In order to slide smoothly with the lining of the suit and protect the lining of the suit, it can also reduce the thickness of the back piece of the vest to avoid being too bloated after wearing the jacket.
When dressing more casually or fashionably, you can choose a vest with the same front and back fabric that can be worn outside. This kind of vest is more beautiful and warmer.

The choice of vest

So how to choose a suit vest that fits? The following three points need to be done.
  1. The shoulders should fit the body and try to avoid armhole designs that are too high or too small. Because the vest does not need to be connected to the sleeves, the movement of the shoulder and arm joints will be restricted and compressed if it is too narrow, which will naturally greatly reduce the comfort.
  2. The length of the vest should be long enough to cover the waistband of the trousers, and the hem should not be open. This requires that when buying a vest, you should make sure that it matches the waist of the trousers you are wearing with it according to your height. Because the function of the vest includes straightening the waist and preventing the shirt from loosening and being exposed.
  3. The distance between the collars is moderate. If it is too wide and is hidden under the collar of the coat, or if it is too narrow and only a little bit of the shirt is exposed, it will not look good enough.
  4. Choose the fabric according to your wearing needs. For a three-piece suit, choose a satin back style, and for outer wear, choose a uniform fabric style. When buying a vest for the first time, it is recommended to choose a relatively soft color and texture. For example, solid gray, navy blue or dark stripes, worsted fabrics will do. Avoid overly bright colors that make the overall image less serious and solemn.


A vest is a must-have item that is most suitable for early Autumn. The large temperature difference between morning and evening can keep you warm and have a styling effect. If you want to easily become an elegant gentleman, hurry up and add a few vests to your wardrobe.